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Published Nov. 8, 2017

MILFORD, MA — Nitto Avecia Inc. (Avecia) announced today the successful completion of the first synthesis runs at the 1.6 Mol scale which is believed to be the largest synthesis scale ever executed for oligonucleotide API (active pharmaceutical ingredients) at its new oligonucleotide manufacturing facility in Milford, MA. This exciting news comes only months after bringing into operation Avecia’s new API manufacturing synthesis capabilities. This manufacturing capacity expansion increases Avecia’s total synthesis capacity to more than 3 Mol. Nitto Avecia’s President Detlef Rethage stated: “Avecia’s leadership in the oligonucleotide market is significant and we are proud to have added this major manufacturing scale in less than two years to address a capacity shortage that could have slowed down our client’s clinical trial progress. With our 1.6 Mol synthesis capabilities now operational, the capacity shortage in oligonucleotides manufacturing has now been addressed.”

ABOUT NITTO AVECIA INC. Nitto Avecia Inc. is a recognized leader in manufacturing and development services of oligonucleotide therapeutic with facilities located in Milford, MA.; Marlboro, MA.; and Cincinnati OH offering services for DNA, RNA and other oligonucleotides based therapeutics from milligram scale at pre-clinical stage to 1000kg + post commercial launch. More information: Nitto Avecia is proud member of Nitto Group. More information:

ABOUT NITTO AVECIA PHARMA SERVICES INC. Nitto Avecia Pharma Services is your single solution for premier contract development and manufacturing services. Nitto Avecia Pharma Services supports the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industries with a complete package of cGMP services including pre-formulation/formulation, parenteral manufacturing, analytical development, biopharmaceutical development, structural chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, stability storage and drug delivery device testing. With three state-of-the-art facilities located on one campus in Irvine, CA. Learn more at

Contact: Detlef Rethage President Nitto Avecia Inc. (508)532-2500

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