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Published April 30, 2015

Leading biotechnology manufacturer Nitto Avecia has expanded its process capability to meet increased client demand. With the establishment of new downstream process equipment, Nitto Avecia will be able to meet client demand by increasing productivity and capacity.

April 30, 2015- Nitto Avecia, a leading biotechnology manufacturer and oligonucleotide developer, today announces its increased capacity and production capability to serve biotechnology pharmaceutical clients. A commitment to increased client variety and service fulfillment continues to drive Nitto Avecia to enhance synthesis scale and  improve process throughput capacities.   

In Fall 2014, Nitto Avecia first demonstrated its newly installed downstream process equipment at its Milford, MA facility, which is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of oligonucleotide therapeutics, and supports pre‐clinical, clinical, and commercial needs of pharmaceutical clients. The new systems include high capacity automated chromatography, automated large scale ultrafiltration, and increased freeze drying capacities through the use of thin film evaporation technology.   These assets align even more effectively with Nitto Avecia’s upstream cycle times allowing more available asset time for its clients

“With its recent successful installation of expanded downstream process equipment including Thin Film Evaporation, Nitto Avecia continues to ensure that it can meet the needs of the market from small to large volume demands,” said Kelly Behrendt, Vice President of Operations at Nitto Avecia, “Strategic efforts continue in 2015 to help make certain that those growing demands can be met well into the future.”

Included in those ongoing plans is a sanctioned project to increase the flexibility and upper range of Nitto Avecia’s mid‐scale capabilities by 300% or more offering redundant coverage to clients in a wide range of volume demands.  These improvements ensure that Nitto Avecia, can meet the demands of clients of any size by increasing available asset times and increasing automation. About Nitto Denko Avecia Inc.

Nitto Avecia, is a drug development and manufacturing services company located in Milford, MA and Cincinnati, OH and is a part of Nitto Denko Corporation, Japan’s leading diversified materials manufacturer. Nitto Avecia is a recognized leader in process development, manufacture, and related services for DNA and RNA‐based therapeutics. All services are offered, from preclinical testing to post‐ commercial launch of innovative oligonucleotide‐based therapeutics. To see what Nitto Avecia can do for your business, visit

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